About Us


The Mission at KRC Squared is simply to listen to our customers and provide them with the best quality work for your dream home design. KRC Squared is unique as a family owned business that cares for employees as well as the customers we serve. We are passionate about the work we do on your home. From our first meeting until the completion of your project and beyond we stay engaged to serve your construction needs. We stand behind our work by delivering the best possible results for all your remodel or new construction needs. The relationships that we build with our customers are as important after the sale as they are before and during our work with you. You will enjoy your first experience with us and in knowing that we are here and available in the future. We are honored that many of our customers are referred to KRC Squared from our past clientele, many of which are returned customers themselves. We look forward to personally meeting with you to transform your dream designs into your dream home.

AT KRC Squared we are passionate about the work we do for you and your home. Your home should be a place where you can relax and enjoy your time. It is our goal to make your dream a reality while making the process virtually stress free. We will worry about every detail from the smallest to the largest. Our customers are kept informed of the building process occurring in their homes. We strongly believe in keeping an open line of communication to ensure your home construction needs are met.

By choosing a locally owned company you have the advantage of communicating directly with the owner. We take the time to listen to your needs, wants, and ideas to come up with a building strategy to meet as many of these as your budget allows. We strive to maintain professional standards and building codes on all the jobs we perform for safety and appearance. Some larger projects may require the use of subcontractors to complete the project in a timely manner. Our reputation equals customer satisfaction so we hold our subcontractors to a higher standard. We vet our subcontractors and would never allow anyone in your home that we wouldn’t have in ours. We understand how uncomfortable it can be to have a stranger working in your home. For that reason we use reputable businesses and will always provide you with the name of the person who will be in your home as well as when. If not working alongside our subs someone from KRC Squared will drop in on the subcontractors frequently to verify the work is being completed to our standards and monitor for any quality control issues. Our beliefs and values are translated into our work and culture. Our direct employees strive to provide quality customer service that they themselves would expect and therefore we expect the same from any outside contractors.


After graduating from high school, Keith Reicherter entered the workforce as many kids do. For a short time, he worked as a delivery driver for a local lumber yard watching how fast Topeka and surrounding areas were growing. At the same time, Keith spent one weekend a month serving in the United States Army National Guard. Keith soon bought his first home before the age of 18. With help from his dad this home was later lifted and a basement was added. The next job was working at a large grain handling facility where he spent many days loading or unloading trucks and railcars. In the evenings he began taking some college classes and moved into the office working as a grain merchandiser. Many evenings and weekends were spent helping his father building, remodeling or repairing houses. “I realized working behind a desk in an office environment wasn’t really for me” Keith has stated.The love of hands-on building lead him to start his own business in the construction field. Keith Reicherter Construction was then founded in 2001.

Keith has been in the trenches and literally worked his way up from the bottom, learning from other professionals and he has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. “ I have respect for anybody on the dumb end of a shovel” Keith jokes. “ I too have been there”. Over the years he has experience working in most every aspect of home construction and remodel work. The experience accumulated after years of hard work and long days have become valuable today. Being able to walk onto a job site and identify potential problems and having the ability of providing an answer on how to fix these issues comes only with experience. Having worked on so many different homes it makes envisioning design challenges for future projects much easier.

Some of the areas that Keith has worked in include: design, excavation, landscaping, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, basement and crawlspace construction, lifting houses to repair foundations or add a basement under a current home, roofing, windows, insulation, room additions or detached garages, post frame shop buildings, flooring, fabricating and installing trim, deck, patio, masonry, painting, staining and so much more. “ There’s something very rewarding about looking back at the end of each day to see the progress and accomplishments of a hard days work” Keith adds. “ I truly enjoy my job. I was once told if you find something your good at and love doing that you will never work a day in your life.”

Keith is also a family man. He was introduced to his wife Jennifer on a blind date. One short year later they were married and are still celebrating many years of marriage. Together they have three children that they are very proud of. Together the family enjoys vacations to the beach, a short trip to the mountains for snow skiing and venturing out to new destinations across the country. When not working they enjoy family gatherings, hosting parties for family and friends, an occasional round of golf, a day at the lake and even some quiet evenings at home alone. “ We have found an old house on some land with trees and a creek that my wife fell in love with” Keith adds. “ It was a large project remodeling and rebuilding the house. Looking back it may have been easier to demo and build new, however, the end results were worth the effort. We now have more space in a home we enjoy. I now have the ability to board my two horses at home and have room for a couple calves that the children have had a hand in raising.”

Keith has spent a couple terms volunteering time on a city building and zoning board and on the fire board for the local volunteer fire department. Giving back to the community and being involved is important to him. It takes a lot of energy and time to do the right thing. “ I feel the same way when it comes to working on someone’s home. Doing the right thing without taking shortcuts that later come back to haunt you only makes sense.” Keith also spends time reading trade magazines and socializing with other professionals which provides the advantage of learning about new products, skills and techniques. As with all business, there is always something new to learn and skills to improve on. With today’s talent shortage we enjoy passing down this knowledge to younger generations that have chosen to learn a trade to build a stronger future. We closely supervise any employees that have not gained the experience needed to work alone.