Home Construction

If you are thinking of building a new home we strive to meet the demands you expect for quality and comfort in every home we build. We would love the opportunity to discuss how we can help you design and build the home you’ve been dreaming of. The key to a successful relationship between client and contractor is communication. Many home builders boast quality work. We believe the only way to guarantee quality is to be on site before, during and after the construction of your new home. When you walk onto our jobsite you will notice the difference in craftsmanship and in the quality materials we use building your new home. Our creativity allows us the ability to personalize your new home. KRC Squared emphasizes quality construction, quality materials and attention to details. Building a new home is an involved process. We are committed to ongoing communication during the process and beyond by controlling the number of jobs we take on in a years time.

One of the first steps in new home construction is finding an acceptable site for development. We can assist you in finding a site that fits your needs. Some considerations may be: subdivision restrictions, size of lot, school district, proximity to work, church, quiet neighborhoods and highway access, to name a few. Additionally there are typically zoning restrictions imposed by the local municipality that may affect the size, type or height of your prospective new home. If you own land or already purchased a building site we can help develop your site to accommodate your new home. If your building site has desirable trees or vegetation we work to protect, and in some cases relocate until it is safe to replant.

Once a building site is selected we can help to design a home that fits your budget, including any additional options you may want to add. Architects are available to work with you and your home builder to design a home that suits your specific needs. This process can take a few weeks to engineer a build ready set of prints to work from. Another option may be to look at existing home plans that may also need revised to fit your individual needs.

After a blueprint is chosen we will address the finish selections to meet your unique needs and begin getting necessary bids to estimate the cost of your new home. Once the final selections are made and subcontractor bids are in we can write a contract so that financing can be attained. Your contract will spell out the initial deposit and when payments are made as construction proceeds. You will have time to review invoices for accuracy so that you know where each dollar is spent. Your new home contract will also address the builder warranty. We’re always happy to meet with a lender that you have chosen to insure they have all the information needed to move forward with starting the construction phase. We also can help to identify lenders who specialize in new construction.

Once the permits are obtained and the building process begins we work diligently to finish your new home in a timely manner. We constantly coordinate with subcontractors to ensure the process goes smoothly. We also keep you advised of the progression of your new home. During the building process we want to schedule times to meet on site with you in the event you may want to add items or make changes prior to the final walk through. Changes are easiest when made before a particular item is built. Removing, rebuilding or adding an item can incur additional charges beyond the original contract price. We know how important and difficult it can be to stay on budget. Experience has also taught us how easy it can be to go over budget when building a new home, however we are always willing to make changes to customize your new home to ensure it fits your exact needs.

With today’s emphasis on indoor air quality and mold issues we work hard to minimize issues that may affect your new home in the future. Ordering materials as needed, covering materials in the event of inclement weather, and limiting the duration materials are stored on the ground are some of the ways we accomplish this. Once the construction begins we work to get the house sealed against weather concerns as soon as possible.