Home Remodeling

Residential architecture is often a process of coming up with innovative ideas for your home. At KRC Squared we love the challenge of helping to design and build the ideas you have chosen to individualize and accent your home. Home remodeling projects also add value and comfort to your existing home. Finding a professional builder that you can trust to work on your home can be an exhausting task. We want you to love your first experience with KRC Squared by treating your home as if it were our own. We try hard to keep work areas clean and respect your family’s time at home. We understand that you likely have to live in the home during the renovation. Keeping open communication between homeowner and contractor is very beneficial as we progress on your home.

After an on site evaluation with the homeowner to learn about the project we may choose to have one or more of our many subcontractors to bid on parts of the remodeling project to help complete the project in a timely manner. Professional subcontractors we use are vetted and trusted partners. We would not allow anyone to work on your house that we wouldn’t use in our own homes.

Home remodeling can be very diverse. We try hard to provide accurate job costing to eliminate surprise costs that may arise. Proper planning and an accurate estimate that state the materials to be used and work to be performed protects the homeowner and contractor. Any additional work or change orders will always be approved by the homeowner.

Your home is constantly subject to the weather and general use. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your home looking fresh and extending the life of your most valuable possession. Caulking, painting, keeping guttering clear of debris and roof inspections are beneficial ways to help extend the service of your home. Despite your best efforts most home products on the market have life spans and chances are will need replaced. We offer to meet you on site to inspect and discuss options for repairing or replacing defective items. Our goal is to walk away from any job leaving it looking as good or better than it was when new. Typically homeowners that have purchased an existing home and find that having to do repairs to their home is a good time to make changes to structure or appearance. Often there are inexpensive upgrades to renew the look of your home and make it stand out above other homes in your neighborhood. Some options you will find to have high return on the dollar. On older homes we often get requests about removing walls to enlarge rooms or open up living spaces to make them look and feel more modern.

We offer many services to improve the look, feel and comfort of your home. Room additions, finishing basements, replacing siding, windows and doors or upgrades to kitchen and bathrooms are just a few of the things we are regularly asked to do. With so many years experience in remodeling and building we are confident that we can work together on any project that you can envision. Also if you would like help in designing a remodel we are glad to assist you.

There are many companies advertising post frame shops and outbuildings. These buildings can also be engineered without the need of burying wood posts into the ground. Some considerations should be made to the landscape and terrain of the building site. The use and future interior finishings of these buildings could also affect the best type of construction. We welcome questions on the type of building and options that would best suit you.

Keeping up with current trends and having the vision to improve on traditional building concepts helps us to diversify and stay ahead of competitive builders and remodelers. With focuses revolving around distinctive exteriors, spacious kitchens that are the hub of every home and helping clients build spaces that match their individual needs.