If you are considering a remodeling project, in need of repairs to your current home, or even looking to build a distinctive new home we would love the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you and your family. KRC Squared has both the experience and knowledge to transform your construction needs into reality. From conception to completion we work diligently to transform your home into something you will enjoy for years to come. Our efforts show in the quality work we perform and the dedication to each of our clients. We understand that everyone has varying tastes in appearance or needs and we work with you to design and build to best suit your individual necessity. Our reputation of being a quality builder depends on your satisfaction. We are continuously looking for ways to better serve our clients.

When it comes to hiring a professional construction team to work on your family’s home there are numerous choices. Entering into a construction contract with a professional is important to getting the quality results you expect at a price that you are willing to afford. We are all aware that the most economical price doesn’t equal the highest value. The same can be said about the highest price. Hiring the wrong builder can be as frustrating as it is disappointing. Inexperienced builders may quote a lower price to get jobs but add additional costs during the construction phase. Or equally as unpleasant, may be forced to rush through your project by cutting corners. Adversely, you can be overcharged by a company that in return farm out work to the lowest bid sacrificing quality or possibly sublet to professionals that may overcharge for services resulting in higher than expected quotes. Having said that, not all builders have bad intentions. Working with a professional builder that is local and committed to be around in the future is important. KRC Squared recommends that you do some homework to ensure you chose a company that best fits your needs. We want you to feel comfortable with a contractor you can rely on to work with. KRC Squared also wants to thank you for considering us for all your remodeling or construction needs.

KRC Squared has been doing work in and around the Topeka area since 2001. NE Kansas is our home and we have done work in many cities and rural communities surrounding Topeka. Our efforts are not limited to Topeka. We have the ability to work in all of NE Kansas. Some clients we have developed relationships with also have lake homes or investment properties that we have travelled great distances to work on. From Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan and our far northern counties we are available to schedule work throughout NE Kansas.

Take time to look at some of our current photos and feel free to reach out to us for questions or comments. For many years KRC Squared has relied on customers from word of mouth referrals. To better serve our clients we aim to continuously add photos of work that we have done and projects that we are working on.